Pangloss Recruitment events : Talent for Belgium

Our recruitment events are exclusive and unique recruitment events where a limited number of companies have the opportunity to meet and share career expectations with preseleted and invited candidates belonging to a specific target group.

A large attraction campaign focuses on the attraction of quality candidates and on the employer branding of the participating companies.

A preselection process guarantees quality candidates matching the requirements of the job opportunities proposed by the companies. Pangloss is in charge of this preselection and invitation process.

Pangloss is also in charge of the whole organisation of the day in terms of interviews, company presentations, logistic, catering, etc..

This process guarantees an immediate return on investment. et efficace sur investissement.

Pangloss Intl  organises this kind of events since 2006 and launched in 2013 an unique event for candidates older than 45y. Pangloss won a special awards in 2013 at the HR Excellence Awards for this initiative.