Muriel Steegen

« Everything is great in the better world possible » is the philosophy recommended and promoted by Pangloss – Candide’s teacher and eternal optimist.

It’s based on this philosophy that Pangloss International started in 1990 its activities in career management. Muriel Steegen is now in charge of the company. By developing the concept of « HUMAN MADE » she pursue and increase the “tailor-made” dimension of Pangloss. With innovative services, Pangloss proposes a higly personalized solution to the needs of each company.

Passion, innovation, dedication are the values of Pangloss. Certified and professional consultants have made of Pangloss an unique partner on the market. Flexibility, availability and quality are our keys for the success of each mission.

Pangloss offers highly personalised services in various domains of career management :

  • Individual Outplacement : Qualitative and highly personalized collaboration with people facing a structural change in their career offering the whole traject from (self) assessment, professional project, marketing plan, action plan, interview, negociations etc.. Strong support also for those willing to launch their own activity.
  • « Semi-Individual » Outplacement : Partnership with a group of maximum 5 persons in order to combine group and individual support.
  • Preplacement : Deep collaboration with a candidate and the organisation in order to define the very important next steps of the professional path.
  • Reintegration Coaching : Preparing, taking care of the return of a person after a long absence allowing that all parties are in line with new expectations, needs in order to restart in the best way.
  • Recruitment : Organisation of a platform between strictly preselected candidates and representatives of leading companies in order to share career expectations and have interviews: Talent for Belgium & Talent for 45+.

Pangloss guarantees the most strict confidentiality, is member of Federgon and recognised by the federal and regional governments.